In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta designs a game, she groups up with Rakhi and Kareena, while Mahesh joins his sons and it results in being a Ladies vs Boys fight. Preeta states that no make a difference what happens, they will gain, and it is simply because Women are the greatest. Karan tells her that their team will get as Rishabh is aware how to sing. Rishabh asks him to be peaceful then Mahesh is blackmailed by Rakhi to sing.

Preeta instructs the workforce and tells them that they have twisted the regulations and now both equally the teams will have to sing variety the words which Dadi picks out from a bowl. Prithvi groups up with Karan’s group and states that he will sing the very first sport for boys and then when it is time he will get a phone from Rithvik. Shocked to see his get in touch with, he misses the song and the boys workforce drop the initially stage. Kareena sing a music for their team and earns her group a place, so they consider the guide

Prithvi calls Rithvik and begins yelling at him. He says that Monisha is leaving him and shortly will get married to Karan. Prithvi commences to quiet him down but he doesn’t pay attention. Prithvi says that he will describe it to him as shortly as he receives again.

When Prithvi turns Karan is standing at the rear of him. Rithvik is angry and suggests that he will not allow Prithvi damage his lifestyle and will not let Monisha to get married to Karan, he appears to be at the card for the address and is planning to go to the Mansion for his girlfriend.

Karan asks Prithvi with whom was he talking to? Prithvi begins building an justification and claims that he named his driver who is pretty anxious as his auto is blocked because of Monisha’s auto but he informed his driver to go and get groceries from the sector.

Prithvi once again claims items that make Karan jealous. They equally are about to have a fight, Prithvi then leaves, Karan thinks that both of those Monisha and Prithvi have some link with just about every other and setting up a thing major.

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