One of the great pieces of Television shows, The Sopranos, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the day pilot episode released on HBO. The show told the story of Tony Soprano, an Italian-American mafia boss (is there a different kind on television?) who manages his professional criminal life and balances it with his family affairs in New Jersey. The pressure of his job and personal life affects his mental health which leads him to seek the help of professional psychiatric counsellor Dr Jennifer Melfi.

The show ran from 1999-2007. The season finale left a lot of hardcore fans in a lurch as it never revealed if Tony Soprano lives or dies. It also started a debate about whether this uneasy ending is the biggest cop-out of pop culture history. For the uninitiated, The Sopranos was Game of Thrones of its time with fans, critics, even movie scholars analysing and debating every scene, every frame of the show from the day it released to the eternity that’s yet to come. 

But we are not here to discuss or write a thesis about The Sopranos‘ standards. Something brilliant happened Thursday when HBO’s official Twitter handle decided to give away Soprano nicknames to those who asked.

Along with the regular joes of Twitterverse, the list included who’s who of the entertainment industry from Lin Manuel-Miranda of Broadway smash hit Hamilton to Ben Schwartz of Parks and Recreation. Silicon Valley‘s Kumail Nanjiani was not far behind.

Food franchise Wendy’s, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s official Twitter handle, shows like The Walking Dead and TV channels like TMC wanted to know what would the Jersey Mafia families use to refer them as if they had a chance.

But the crown jewel of responses ought to be what Tennis legend Roger Federer received, who was incidentally the first one to respond to the offer.

Take a look.

Roger Federer


History Channel


Game of Thrones




Blake Griffin

Bayern Munich

Macaulay Culkin

Ben Schwartz

Lin-Manuel Miranda


Television Academy

Jake Tapper


Sadly, likes of BBC News (World), New York Stock Exchange, New York Times, and you were too late to the party.

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